Wikipedia Is Ranked By Google Just Like Any Other Web Site

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Wikipedia Is Ranked By Google Just Like Any Other Web Site

Gary Illyes from Google said on Twitter that Google ranks Wikipedia just like it ranks any other web site on the internet. In short, he is saying that Wikipedia doesn’t get any special ranking boost just for being Wikipedia – they don’t get special treatment.

Here is the tweet:

twitter twit

Gary also said a few months ago that Wikipedia does a good job at getting links to internal pages – which makes a lot of sense.

So yes, Wikipedia ranks well for a lot of queries but not because Google is in bed with them.

As a quick recap, Wikipedia ranked for a huge 99% of the terms (as selected with a random noun generator).

While many people may consider this an unfair bias from Google towards Wikipedia, I’m not so sure…

There’s no denying that 99% is an extremely high volume of keywords to be ranking for and this is a very interesting study to highlight Wikipedia’s dominance.

However, I’m still not that surprised by the results. Wikipedia has seemingly become every SEOs biggest competitor, which explains why its dominance in Google creates a lot of attention.

But if you look deeper into the reasons why the site is ranking. Despite so many top rankings, I honestly believe they deserve to be ranking where they are.

I certainly don’t think there’s anything non-algorthimic happening here, as some people have alluded to in the past.

Why does Wikipedia dominate Google?

To back up the reasoning for the site being the number one performer for organic search in the world, Wikipedia probably has the best set of SEO fundamentals on the web:

Unique and in-depth content

Wikipedia is such a great case study for the power of UGC (user generated content) with huge volumes of content which is written in extremley large detail.

For example, the Wikipedia Turkey page (which was in the sample list of 1,000 terms) contains 12,536 words on that single page and the breadth of Wikipedia’s content stretches to 70 million indexed pages in Google across 10 languages!

How do you take advantage of this as an SEO?

Wikipedia is every SEOs competitor. Whether you like it or not, it may not be directly competing for business in your market but it is competiting for rankings and traffic in your market, which generates your business.

So if you know it ranks highly in Google, why not use that information to dig a bit deeper? Analyse how much traffic it’s getting, there’s a great tool which shows you the traffic for an individual article on Wikipedia

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