Bursting SEO Myths

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Bursting SEO Myths

Having been in the IT search engine industry for more than a decade now, we at Assured SEO have witnessed the changing colors of the market. We have seen several over-hyped concepts evolve and fade away silently. To almost everything out there, we can safely say today ‘been there done that’.

But despite this, we are not immune to everything SEO related – especially the misconceptions. What really bothers us is the fact that SEO is one of the most sought after activities in outsourcing industry and yet there are so many myths prevailing about it. So we have decided to debunk some of these misconceptions.

Myth 1: All Prices Should Fall in the Same Range

This is the biggest pain in the neck for any serious SEO provider. We say “serious” because SEO providers have mushroomed all over the internet. The market offers a striking contrast between dirt cheap SEO rates and skyrocketing charges. Does this mean that the ones charging high rates are milking their clients? Or does it mean that the cheaper ones are defrauding their clients? Well, the truth lies in the results delivered.

SEO companies who charge higher rates have the expertise and confidence to guarantee results. They have put in the required research on search engines and their ranking parameters. They have human editors to optimize your site for submissions rather than automated software. They have developed a keywords repository. For example we at Radix have identified 3000+ keywords for product related websites and 1000+ keywords for service related websites.

Myth 2: Everybody Delivers Results

This is not true! Not every SEO provider can give you a ranking in top 10 results of a search engine. And even if you do end up with top page visibility have you considered sustainability? It’s no use occupying a position on the top page one day and then getting lost one week down the line. It’s like having your own 15-minutes of fame as against lifetime stardom. So the next time your SEO service provider talks about results check whether these results can be measured and can they be sustained over a period of time.

Myth 3: All Providers Should Offer Same Type of SEO Activities

No, that’s absolutely unfair because of uneven playing field. There are some SEO providers who perform automated activities while there are a select few who involve the human element. Let’s say directory submissions. There might be an SEO provider who employs a software to perform directory submissions of say 800 per month. You cannot compare this with a provider who actually has a human editor analyzing your website for design and content, business domain, identifying your target market and then making 500 directory submissions in a month. Although these submissions are less in number, they are more relevant and more likely to generate business for you. So comparing the metrics of SEO activities is quite unfair because of software versus human situation. While one will have speed the other will have relevance.

Myth 4: SEO Cost Should Not Be More than Website Development Cost

seo_myths_debunkedWe get a lot of clients who are very upfront that they do not want their SEO budget to exceed the cost of developing their website. While there is nothing wrong in this, think of it like buying a car. You buy a car today for a fixed cost but you are going to end up spending more on gas and fuel charges to keep it running. The same holds true for your website. You have developed a website for your business. But it’s not meant to just look pretty on your screen. It’s meant to generate revenue for you in the virtual market for which you need SEO. A stunning website without effective SEO is like owning a Porsche without any gas!

Myth 5: SEO is Quick-Fix Solution

Not true again. If you are looking to rule the search engines for long time then you need to invest time and efforts in SEO. A minimum commitment period of 3 months on average is considered ideal for effective SEO. This period gives your SEO team enough time to analyze your website for design, content, structure, and programming code. They can develop effective backlinks with related websites and make submissions. Even creating social media buzz requires time. It’s further important to analyze the results after one month to be able to improve on the SEO processes.

Myth 6: SEO is Only About Google

While this idea has some amount of validity, it’s not entirely true. We agree that Google drives almost 80% of search engine traffic. But simply targeting Google in your SEO strategy is like putting all your eggs in a single basket. There are other search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Bing who register impressive amount of monthly searches. So why turn a blind eye to them when you know they have potential business leads?

Myth 7: SEO is Freelance

If only this was true but alas it’s not! SEO is a highly organized activity that requires professionals for various activities. It’s a dedicated team effort that delivers top page results. A freelancer irrespective of his dedication can only take your website so long. He will be a jack of all trades but master of none. But a company like Radix can give you a team comprising of masters of every single activity. Plus, with a freelancer you never know when he would vanish into thin air. So why not deal with a going concern entity like Radix who is here to stay for long?

Myth 8: SEO Includes Optimization, Submissions, & Link Building Only

Yes, these three activities do comprise most of SEO but they are not the only activities in SEO. These three activities find their footing in the more painstaking activities of research and analysis. The better these activities, the better your SEO. It seems highly unlikely that an SEO vendor could analyze your website, study your business domain, research for keywords and then give you results – all of this in one month at dirt cheap rates. All they can do is meaningless SEO efforts.

Myth 9: SEO is a Luxurymyths-and-truth

“I don’t need SEO” – if you are thinking this then think again. The truth today is that everybody needs SEO – even a computing giant like Microsoft. Microsoft has launched an SEO services branch to address its internal SEO requirements and of its partner networks. It’s a moot point that a brand like Microsoft should not need SEO to stay competitive. But Microsoft doesn’t think so! Even names like IBM and Dell do resort to SEO. Now where do you stand in this milieu? That is why we say “SEO is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world.”

Myth 10: SEO from Mexico Has to be Cheap

Quality does not have nationality. It can come out of any corner of the world. And quality will always command price. Just because a service provider is in Mexico does not make his quality less valuable. Internet has leveled up the playing field for service providers which means a guy sitting in Asia or Africa can give a vendor from US or Europe a run for his money. It’s the quality of work that should matter and not the domicile of the service provider.


SEO and online marketing have been a passion of mine for 20+ years and I pride myself on helping clients at a budget prices to fit any and all needs.

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