How To Get To Number 1 On Google in 2018 There Are Rules When It Comes To Ranking in Search Engines Google says: QUOTE: “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.” Google, 2017 The terms and conditions Google lay down in their webmaster guidelines documents […]

Content Marketing Toolkit Compete with content marketing to grow your leads and sales Discover our proven system that makes strategic content marketing work for you TODAY Marketers love the potential power of Content Marketing! When you get it right, Content Marketing fuels many of the inbound marketing techniques like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, ‘lead […]

PPC vs SEO “Should my business be using  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads or an organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy?” I get that question all the time. And of course, my answer is, “It depends. What are your goals? Over time, I have attempted dozens of analogies to explain the differences between the costs of first-page […]

Wikipedia Is Ranked By Google Just Like Any Other Web Site Gary Illyes from Google said on Twitter that Google ranks Wikipedia just like it ranks any other web site on the internet. In short, he is saying that Wikipedia doesn’t get any special ranking boost just for being Wikipedia – they don’t get special […]

Here are the top 10 reasons why Internet Marketing is so important to the success of businesses: 1. Online Branding The primary reason for beginning an Internet Marketing campaign is to increase product awareness. As they are browsing the web or performing internet searches, consumers may come across the business name or logo and become […]