SEO Guidelines Secret revealed

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SEO Guidelines Secret revealed

Did you know that search engines use two methods to position your website in search results? 1. Complex algorithms (talk more about later) & 2. Real people to evaluate your site. Yes, and their job title is ¨Search Engine Rater/Evaluator¨ and it is a part-time job that they ¨work from home¨. Could be an educated person that is not bias or a crackhead that dropped out of school. The average pay for this job is $7 – $12 usd per hour. So your site when it comes to search engine position could possible hang in the balance of a person that moves a slider left to rightslidwhen asked a series of questions about elements of your site.  

The Controversies in SEO Today

SEO has always been a somewhat controversial subject area and one that has never been free of controversy and disagreement within the SEO community . Of course part of this disagreement stems from the simple fact that SEO is done online which in turn means that people are most likely to discuss it on forums and on comment sections where mankind has never been known to be at its most agreeable with one another. The other problem with SEO is that there’s no single authority on the matter and no real ‘right or wrong’ answer. Of course Google are probably the best people out there for telling us how to get to the top of their SERPs but they never do explicitly explain their algorithms. If they told us the algorithms they used outright then it would be incredibly easy to play the system, meaning that the whole process is purposefully shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. Add to this the fact that those algorithms are constantly changing, that new technologies are constantly being introduced and that lots of the information still out there is outdated and you have a recipe for disagreements from the left to the right.


Knowing that we are at the mercy of complex algorithms and Search Engine Rater/Evaluator what are we to do? At Assured SEO we have email, news, forum, social media, alerts setup that we review every week in our creative meeting. But that is too much data to process for the average individual hence the SEO industry was born. Now for the kicker. We have decided to release Proprietary and Confidential Guidelines for Search Engine Rater/Evaluator training course to the public for all to study and learn how to improve your chances to be positioned well in search engine results! Just click on Free Resources and download the free E-Book ¨Guidelines for Search Engine Rater/Evaluator¨ share with your colleagues and leave commits below.



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