How to Remove Reviews On Facebook Pages

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People on the Internet suck.  

When they’re unhappy, they’re VERY vocal about it. What’s worse is that social media makes it easy for consumers to publicly shout about bad service, complain of unfair pricing, and even drag up personal grudges against the business owner.

While all this transparency and ease of communication has helped grease the wheels of customer service, it’s also a roadblock if you get stuck on the wrong side of a bad review.  Unfortunately, negative comments and reviews about your business can do more than just hurt your pride—they can hurt your bottom line.

It’s true: 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends, and 68 percent of consumers will often go straight to a business’s social media profile to read reviews. Heck, I only hire companies and go to restaurants with more than 3.5 stars for their average review rating. 

So, if you’re looking to remove negative or fake reviews from Facebook, we’ll show you how it’s done. Be warned that removing individual reviews is a long process (see further below) and that the only immediate solution is to turn off the reviews tab. But first, I urge you to read our content team lead’s timeless blog post, “Should You Remove Facebook Reviews?

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Step-By-Step How To Remove Reviews From Your Facebook Page in 2018

Step 1: If you want to remove reviews on Facebook, first log in and make sure you’re using the platform as your page (not your personal account). You can switch between pages using the white arrow in the upper right-hand corner:

Step 2: Once you’re using Facebook as the correct page, click the “Settings” option located on the right-hand side, above your cover photo:

Step 3: Now that you’re in the Settings menu choose the “Edit Page” option from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down until you see the “reviews” section, then switch it to “off.” Don’t forget to save your settings!

Can I Delete One Bad Review from My Page?

Yes–but not the way you think, and it will take some time. If you want to delete one bad Facebook review, what you’ll have to do is report it and wait for action on Facebook’s part. However, if you have a Facebook partner like us, there’s a workaround to make the process speedier.  We can reach out directly to a Facebook representative to move the process along (and bug them about how much a false review can damage your business).

How to Report a Fake or False Review on Facebook in 2018

Navigate to your reviews section on your Facebook business page. It should be along the right-hand side, under your company’s profile picture. Find the review you want to dispute, and in the top right-hand corner of that individual review box, there will be three dots. Click them, and then click “Report Post.”

You’ll be prompted to select one of the following options: “it has nothing to do with the page” (fake reviews from competitors or people who were never customers), and “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” (discrimination, personal attacks, etc.) Pick the one that best suits your need. You may be prompted to expand on the issue and go into more detail.

This won’t get resolved quickly unless it is threatening, dangerous, or illegal. That’s why you should have a Facebook partner (like us) that has a relationship with Facebook representatives to speed the process along.

Need Help with Facebook Marketing or Review Management for Your Business?

With an estimated 900 million unique monthly users, Facebook remains the most popular social networking site in 2018. With that being said, it’s pretty obvious that most businesses can benefit from having an active presence on Facebook.

If you’ve got a business to run, chances are you don’t have a lot of time for “the book.” Blue Corona can help. Contact us today and we’ll help you create a Facebook content sharing calendar and/or Facebook paid advertising campaign. And as always, we’ll provide you with detailed tracking and reporting to ensure you get the most return on your marketing dollars.

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