Redesigning your eCommerce When you’re developing a new website or redesigning your eCommerce website it’s critically important to consider the data you’ll need to have. It may seem obvious to some, but features such as searching or sorting by a specific designer won’t work if there is not a designer field in your database. It’s important to […]

SEO in 2017 with Mobile optimization as a competitive advantage A major shift I’ve observed taking place in both the paid search and social advertising industry is a move toward relationship marketing. Brands can no longer be available to customers only when they’re ready to convert. Advertisers must now be ready and willing to provide […]

Internet Is At War The internet is at war.  Browsers abound!  Mobile is taking over!  And Operating Systems are battling it out for supremacy!  Who’s going to win?  Who knows?  What we do know are the current state of things.  Our research and studies at Assured SEO shows you the results below.  Enjoy! Follow

Internet Marketing What Is The Best Way To Be Successful? When I ask my team at Assured International SEO during our Monday morning meeting ¨Internet Marketing What Is The Best Way To Be Successful¨ I receive some interesting responses and would like to Share them with you.   Don’t think that marketing equals advertising. If marketing is […]

The Small Business Local Search Advertising Advantage   You also need in order to the organic traffic generation strategy. Some people are worried that their competitors will buy keyword oriented domains thereby jeopardizing their own website. That’s since search engines can’t learn images. It seems today a lot of internet marketers are eager to earn […]